PTTC Workshops and Webinars
APRIL 2014
4/24-25 Midcontinent: Common Sense Economics for Oil and Gas - Houston, TX.
4/29 Rocky Mountain: RMAG Geosteering Forum: Impacting the Bottom Line (with RMAG) - Golden, CO.
4/30 Rocky Mountain: The Trade-offs in Drilling the 'Perfect' Horizontal Well - Golden, CO.
4/30 PTTC HQ/Midwest: RPSEA Onshore Production Conference: Illinois Basin and Surfactant Flooding - Evansville, IN.
MAY 2014
5/5-7 Midcontinent: Mississippian Outcrop Field Trip: Introduction to the Lower Mississippian Geology of the Southern Ozarks - Rogers, AR.
5/12 Eastern: NORM and TNORM:  Occurrence, Analysis Methods, Monitoring, Handling and Disposal - Columbus, OH.
5/28 Rocky Mountain: GeoGraphix Training: An Overview and Refresher Course - Golden, CO.
5/29 Midcontinent: Root Cause Failure Analysis Training - Midland, TX.
JUNE 2014
6/3 Midcontinent: Petroleum Geology for Non-Geologists/Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers - Wichita, KS.
6/3-5 PTTC HQ: RPSEA Ultra-Deepwater TAC Meetings - Sugar Land, TX.
6/3-5 & 10-12 Rocky Mountain: Complex Well Exploitation & Complex Well Core Competency - Denver, CO.
6/4-5 Rocky Mountain: Petra Basics - Golden, CO.
6/5 Eastern: Geochemistry of Shale Gas - Pittsburgh, PA.
6/11 Midcontinent: Wellbore Integrity throughout its Life Cycle - Midland, TX.
6/11-12 Rocky Mountain: Recognizing, Differentiating and Analyzing Natural and Induced Fractures in Core - Lakewood, CO.
6/17 PTTC HQ/Midcontinent: RPSEA Onshore Production Conference - Houston - Houston, TX.
6/23-27 Rocky Mountain: Futures in Energy - Golden, CO.
JULY 2014
7/15 West Coast: Designing and Operating Waterfloods - Long Beach, CA.
7/17 West Coast: Designing and Operating Waterfloods - Bakersfield, CA.
7/19 Rocky Mountain: Beyond Porosity: Lithology from Logs for Geologists - A preconvention short course at the RMS-AAPG Annual Meeting - Denver, CO.
7/19 Rocky Mountain: Source Rocks 101 - A preconvention short course at the RMS-AAPG Annual Meeting - Denver, CO.
9/23 West Coast: Drilling Engineering - Long Beach, CA.
9/25 West Coast: Drilling Engineering - Bakersfield, CA.