Abstracts from: SPE OnePetro

1. Topic: DW

Title: CO2 Sequestration in Deepwater Subseabed Formations

Author: N. Pilisi, I. Ceyhan, S. Vasantharajan

Source: SPE International Conference, November 10-12, 2010

Summary: This paper presents a feasibility study of carbon sequestration in deepwater formations in the Gulf of Mexico with the existing technologies available in the offshore industry.

URL:  http://www.onepetro.org/mslib/app/Preview.do?paperNumber=SPE-139498-MS&societyCode=SPEhttp://www.onepetro.org/mslib/app/Preview.do?paperNumber=SPE-139498-MS&societyCode=SPE


2. Topic: Sand-Controlled Wells

Title: A New Methodology To Safely Produce Sand-Controlled Wells With Increasing Skin

Author: Ashish A. Chitale, Michael H. Stein, Brian J. Arias, Ram K. Narayanan, David W. Schott

Source: SPE Production & Operations Journal, Volume 25, Number 4, November 2010

Summary: This paper will present a new methodology to evaluate the components of skin increase that could cause sand-control completions to fail.

URL: http://www.onepetro.org/mslib/app/Preview.do?paperNumber=SPE-124051-PA&societyCode=SPEhttp://www.onepetro.org/mslib/app/Preview.do?paperNumber=SPE-124051-PA&societyCode=SPE


Case Studies from: Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, and Weatherford

August 2010 – Improve Understanding of Complex Subsalt Structure
Schlumberger Case study: Structural modeling using reliable dips resolves interpretation contradictions in GOM
Schlumberger-case study-Reservior Charact.pdf

October 2010 – Innovative Corrosion Inhibitor Improved Water Quality in the Gulf of Mexico
Baker Hughes Case history: Baker Hughes provided effective treatment for platform operator
Baker-case history-water.pdf

September 2010 – Weatherford Results: Weatherford Performs First HEWD Operation with Multiple Activations using RipTideä Reamer with RFID to Save Significant Rig Time

Case Studies on Deep Water Reservoir Characterization by Schlumberger

Abstracts from: SPE OnePetro, AAPG Datapages & DOE KMD

1. Topic: DW
Title: Real – Time Geomechanics: Applications to Deepwater Drilling
Author: S Bagala, I McWilliam, T O’Rourke, C Liu
Source: SPE OnePetro – SPE Deepwater Conference, October 5-6, 2010
Summary: The application of real-time geomechanics allowed an improvement in operations, safe drilling practices, and refined calibration of the 1D geomechanical model for further drilling campaigns.
URL: http://www.onepetro.org/mslib/app/Preview.do?paperNumber=SPE-137071-MS&societyCode=SPE

2. Topic: DW
Title: Successful Formation Pressure Testing While Drilling Directionally Demanding 17 1/2-in. Hole in Deepwater Angola
Author: Peter O’Hara, Olga Prieto, Graeme Symons
Source: SPE OnePetro – SPE Deepwater Conference, October 5-6, 2010
Summary: This paper will discuss development of the techniques over the initial wells, issues that were encountered and solutions developed to simultaneously deliver the formation pressures and the directional profiles using standard equipment.
URL: http://www.onepetro.org/mslib/app/Preview.do?paperNumber=SPE-137343-MS&societyCode=SPE

3. Topic: Ultra DW
Title: The Science Behind Erosion Qualification Testing of Frac Pack Tools
Author: Nicholas J Clem, Aaron C Hammer, Maria M O’Connell, Anderson S Amaral
Source: SPE OnePetro – SPE Deepwater Conference, October 5-6, 2010
Summary: Results from full-scale erosion qualification testing of this new series of sand control tools are discussed.
URL: http://www.onepetro.org/mslib/app/Preview.do?paperNumber=SPE-137087-MS&societyCode=SPE

4. Topic: Ultra DW
Title: High Performance Aqueous Insulating Packer Fluid Improved Flow Assurance and Reduced Annular Pressure Buildup in Ultra Deepwater Wells
Author: RG Ezell, S Fontenot, E Robinson, L Cunningham, A Patickis
Source: SPE OnePetro – SPE Deepwater Conference, October 5-6, 2010
Summary: This paper presents detailed fluid formulations with laboratory data generated by specialized equipment, and discusses the fluid design criteria along with the reported data and economics.
URL: http://www.onepetro.org/mslib/app/Preview.do?paperNumber=SPE-135177-MS&societyCode=SPE

Abstracts from: SPE OnePetro, AAPG Datapages & DOE KMD


1. Topic: DW – subsalt

Title: A Geological Review of the Mahogany Subsalt Discovery: A Well That Proved a Play (The Mahogany Subsalt Discovery: A Unique Hydrocarbon Play, Offshore Louisiana) Source: AAPG Datapages – April 28, 2010

Summary: This article discusses the regional geologic setting of the subsalt reservoirs and the relationship of depositional fairways to paleo-bathymetric geometry as a function of paleo-salt distribution.

URL: http://www.searchanddiscovery.net/documents/2010/60049harrison/


Title: Case Histories of a New Family of Setting Tools for Ultra-Deep and High-Temperature Well Conditions

Source: OnePetro - North Africa Technical Conference and Exhibition, 14-17 February 2010, Cairo, Egypt

Summary: A new generation electro-mechanical downhole power unit for setting and retrieving packers, bridge plugs, whipstocks, subsea tree plugs, and other downhole devices has been recently developed and deployed.

URL: http://www.onepetro.org/mslib/app/Preview.do?paperNumber=SPE-128123-MS&societyCode=SPE