DeepStar is a joint industry technology development project focused on advancing the technologies to meet its members' deepwater business needs to deliver increased production and reserves. They provide a forum to execute deepwater technology development projects and leverage the financial and technical resources of the deepwater industry. DeepStar Phase IX commenced in January 2008 with nine major Oil Company Participants active in deepwater development. DeepStar participants represent a strong mix of large and mid-size operators, USA and non-USA based, drawing in a rich array of diverse expertise to address common deepwater challenges. DeepStar currently has over 50 service and vendor company Contributor Members, including 19 universities and five national laboratories. For details of the issues addressed by the consortium go to their website

The DeepStar Project has been in continuous operation since 1992 and operates in 2 year funding phases. Phase VIII concluded in December 2007, and they are now beginning Phase IX. The funding and support for each phase comes from the membership fees from each member. Participant members (oil companies and operators), depending on whether they are new member or established members, contribute either $1,300,000 or $650,000, respectively. Contributor members (vendors, engineering firms, and others) contribute $6,000 in membership fees, and many contribute in-kind work each phase.

Each member company receives the benefit of access to all available deliverables and results from work performed each phase under the collection of pooled funding from the JIP.  To view the 23 page business and operating plan, go to