Masters of Environmental Science and Sustainability Degrees

University of Tulsa, Integrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium  Contact Dr. Kerry Sublette, kerry-sublette @ utulsa dot edu

Texas A&M University, Environmental Programs in College of Geosciences  

  • Produced Water Treatment technologies projects contact Dr. David Burnett (burnett @ pe dot tamu dot edu)
  • Environmental Friendly Drilling project, contact Dr. David Burnett burnett @ pe dot tamu dot edu or Dr. Richard Haut, Houston Advanced Research Center rhaut @ harc dot edu

Colorado School of Mines

  • Coalbed methane Produced Water Program Progress Report
  • Produced Water Management and Beneficial Use (joint project)
  • Opportunities, Challenges and Research Needs for Beneficial Use of CBM Produced Water, RPSEA project, contact Dr. Jörg Drewes jdrewes @ mines dot edu
  • Publication from RPSEA project: Drewes, J.E., Hancock, N.T., Benko, K., Dahm, K., Xu, P., Heil, D., and Cath, T.Y., Treatment of coalbed methane (CBM) produced water, Exploration and Production: Oil and Gas Review (2009) in press.
  • CBM Produced Water Treatment and Beneficial use Information Center: A new website (in progress- contact Dr. Tzahi Cath tcath @ mines dot edu

Clemson University

  • Constructed Wetlands Treatment Systems, contact Dr. James W. Castel jcastle @ clemson dot edu

Montana State University

  • Phytoremediation of Coalbed Methane Produced Water, contact Dr. James Bauder jbauder @ montana dot edu

University of Texas at Austin

  • Modified zeolite/Vaper-Phase Bioreactor system for treatment of produced water projects, contact Dr. Lynn Katz lynnkatz @ mail dot utexas dot edu
  • Membrane filters for produced water cleanup, contact Dr. Benny Dean Freeman freeman @ che dot utexas dot edu

University of Arkansas

  • Risk Based Decision Support and analysis for oil and gas exploration and production in Sensitive Ecosystems, contact Dr. Greg Thoma gthoma @ uark dot edu

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

  • Membrane treatments for coalbed methane produced water projects, contact Dr. Robert Lee leew @ prrc dot nmt dot edu

University of Wyoming