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EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program webinar slide presentation 

Halliburton Introduces CleanStim™Technology

May 31, 2010 – Field Testing of Environmentally Friendly Drilling System , DOE Award No.: DE-FC26-05NT42658

Online proceedings of the 2010 GWPC Annual Forum featuring the Water Energy Sustainability Symposium is now available at www.WaterEnergy2010.com

E&P Focus - DOE newsletter Summer 2010 - Marcellus Shale and FlowBack Water issues

DOE/NETL Advanced Carbon Dioxide Capture R&D Program: Technology Update [PDF-28MB] (Sept 2010)
This comprehensive handbook provides an update on DOE/NETL R&D efforts on advanced CO2 capture technologies for coal-based power systems. Prepared by the Existing Plants and Sequestration R&D Programs, the report tracks the progress of DOE/NETL pre-combustion, post-combustion, and oxy-combustion technologies for CO2 capture.

Study Examines Benefits of Expanding North Dakota Oil Refinery Capacity – A recent press release through Senator Byron Dorgan’s (D-N.D.) office indicates that the results of an oil refinery study shows "real promise" for building a new 34,000 barrel per day diesel and naphtha refinery in North Dakota. The study was conducted by The North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives with support by the Corval Group, Purvin and Gertz Inc., and Mustang Engineers and Constructors and was managed through the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). The final report will be available through NETL within a few weeks. Read the DOE/NETL project summary.

Conference Proceedings - GWPC 2010 Annual Forum Water and Energy in Changing Climates, September 26-29, 2010, Pittsburgh, PA.

GWPC 2010 Annual UIC Conference, Jan. 25-27, 2010, Texas

2010 Midyear Issues Summit, Lexington, Kentucky, May 2010

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EPA Clean Water and Drinking Water Infrastructure Sustainability Policy

GWPC Ground Water Report to the Nation - A Call to Action

Joint E&P Forum and UNEP Technical Publication; Environmental Management in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Natural Gas and the Environment - overview of issues and information - Natural Gas Supply Association

Energy Tomorrow Environment

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IPAA – “New Natural Gas and Oil Taxes Would Crush America’s Clean Energy and Energy Security” February 2010

IOGCC – “Chariman’s Stewardship Awards” (Environmental Stewardship) 2009 

DOE – “EM Update” Office of Environmental Management newsletter, May 27, 2010 Issue (EM and New Mexico Water Project Sign Water Quality Protection Pact)

Petroleum News, a Weekly Newletter based in Anchorage, Alaska

GWPC CO2 Geosequestration Reference Library

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  • State Oil and Gas Regulations Designed to Protect Water Resources,  May 2009

  • Modern Shale Gas – Development in the United States – A Primer, April 2009

Practical Management of Produced Water – IOGCC and ALL Consulting (CD)

USGS- selected publications on Produced Water

Geological Perspectives of Global Climate Change – Lee C. Gerhard, William E. Harrison, Bernold M. Hanson, AAPG Studies in Geology #47

Sustainability of Energy and Water through the 21st Century – Lee C. Gerhard, P. Patrick Leahy, Victor John Yannacone, Jr.

A Summary of the DOE/PERF Bioremediation Workshop May 30, 2002 Houston, Texas

E&P Focus newsletter, Dec. 2009 Winter issue highlights Environmental protects in water management, air monitoring and Alaska

Environmental Geosciences Vol. 16 (1&2): Special Issue on Geologic Carbon Sequestration