Much of the research performed at the eight national laboratories is funded by DOE and that body of work is covered in the DOE section above.  Some, however, is performed with and for industry.  While no public reports are issued for much of the research with industry, much of it is documented in technical papers covered in the Bibliography.  An exception to that is the 50+ research projects performed in the Natural Gas and Oil Technology Partnership ( a program teaming industry partners with the national laboratories.  These projects covered most of the DOE focus areas. One example below is in the area of improved recovery:

Optimization of Pyrolysis and Aqueous Pyrolysis of Heavy Oil from California

Technology Area: Oil and Gas Recovery


A chemical engineering process model will be developed and used to explore the economics of in-field upgrading of crude oil by pyrolysis and aqueous pyrolysis. The objective is to upgrade heavy crude oil making it easier to pipeline and more compatible with existing refining capacity. The model will be based on existing and concurrent experiments and can be used to assess the tradeoffs between severity and the degree of improvement in crude properties, such as API and heterofoam content. Methods of reducing pressure requirements will also be assessed.

Status: Completed

Lead Laboratory: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


John Reynolds, LLNL

(925) 422-6028