Chemor Tech International, LLC services oil producers with a full suite of chemical EOR engineering & implementation services, including: EOR Process Selection and Chemical Processing and Implementation Facilities


Nalco Company is the world's leading water treatment and process improvement company


Oil Chem Technologies specializes in surfactants and processes for chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR, IOR). More than 50 million pounds of surfactants have been successfully injected world-wide, with papers published describing these projects.


Grand Directions leverages the ability to understand the potential of a horizontal drilling project and partner with operators to develop their reservoirs using horizontal wells to rapidly recover hydrocarbon at a profit.


Thermal Hazard Technology manufactures and distributes the world's benchmark adiabatic calorimeter The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter used worldwide for Process Safety and Hazard analysis.  They also manufacture the EV- Accelerating Rate Calorimeter and the world’s only dedicated Battery Safety Calorimeter.


Echometer Company is the leading supplier of instruments, software and training to analyze and optimize the performance of oil, gas and water wells throughout the world. All of the instruments and sensors are used at the surface of the well and are easily portable


Wavefront Technology Solutions, Inc. specializes in developing and designing leading-edge techniques and tools for oil well stimulation, improved oil production and environmental groundwater remediation.

SURTEK leads the industry with more than three decades of applying economical Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies to oil fields throughout the world.


Praxair, Inc. is a global, Fortune 300 company that supplies atmospheric, process and specialty gases, high-performance coatings, and related services and technologies to a wide diversity of customers, including industrial CO2 and CO2 separation technology.


Gel-Tec provides polymer gel-related products and services designed to help you maximize the profitability of your field. We specialize in the application of MARCITSM, MARA-SEALSM and other advanced products to help you solve problems.


Eclipse IOR Services, LLC provides improved/enhanced oil and gas recovery technology to the energy industry. They offer technology including, but not limited to, water control polymers for producing wells, sweep improvement (polymer gel) technology for waterfloods and CO2 floods.


Tracer Technologies International, Inc. monitors fluid flow in reservoirs through the use of chemical or radioactive tracers and provides laboratory and technical services to radiation installations and users. U.S. NRC and/or Agreement State regulations require leak testing of radioactive sealed sources every six months. We provide this service as well as related radiochemical analyses.


Temco, Inc. provides, through Corelab, Inc. a wide variety of instruments for the routine and special analyses of reservoir cores.


TIORCO designs, develops and provides chemically enhanced oil recovery technologies that increase the effectiveness of oil and gas field waterflooding and improve recovery.


Effective Carbon Capture & Storage: Brought to you by the company that has been safely handling—and redeploying—CO2 for over 40 years: Halliburton.