DOE’s Methane Hydrates Program (brochure, Sep 2010)

The National Methane Hydrates R&D Program, Natural Methane Hydrate

Fire in the Ice, Methane Hydrate R&D Program Newsletter

National Research Council Lauds U.S. National Gas Hydrate R&D Effort, Press release, Feb 24, 2010

Assessment of the Department of Energy’s Methane Hydrate Research and Development Program: Evaluating Methane Hydrate as a Future Energy Resource

DOE/JIP Hydrate Conference Presentations, Methane Hydrate R&D Conference, 2003

Major DOE programs on Methane Hydrate Research

Long-range interagency planning documents on Methane Hydrates

General background information on Methane Hydrates

 A well-circulated international quarterly newsletter that addresses methane hydrates

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