Case Study: Wellbore Management—The Producing Well Improvement Process  - by Kent Gantz

Abstracts from: SPE OnePetro

1. Topic: Eagle Ford Shale
Title: Evaluation of Stimulation Techniques Using Microseismic Mapping in the Eagle Ford Shale
Author: A. Inamdar, R. Malpani, K. Atwood, K. Brook, A. Erwemi, T. Ogundare, D. Purcell
Source: Tight Gas Completions Conference, November 2-3, 2010
Summary: The results indicated that relax-a-frac proved to be highly successful in increasing the estimated stimulated volume (ESV) in this formation and area.

2. Topic: Horizontal Wells
Title: Application of After-Closure Analysis to a Dual-Porosity Formation, to CBM, and to a Fractured Horizontal Well
Author: M.Y. Soliman, Carlos Miranda, Hong Max Wang
Source: SPE Production & Operations Journal, Volume 25, Number 4, November 2010
Summary: Through the use of analytical and numerical solutions and application to actual field data, this paper investigates the analysis of after-closure data for heterogeneous formations, a naturally fractured formation, a CBM, and a fractured horizontal well.

Case Studies from: Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, and Weatherford

September 2010 – Real-Time Measurements Optimize Marcellus Shale Well Placement
Schlumberger Case study: Marcellus shale operator repeatedly places long lateral in richest target zone
Schlumberger-case study-marcellus.pdf

 October 2010 – Proactive Geosteering in Carbonate Reservoir Optimized Production
Baker Hughes Case history: Baker Hughes Reservoir Navigation Services navigated through a thin carbonate layer while avoiding high doglegs
Baker-case histories-carbonate reservoir.pdf

 October 2010 – RETORE Program Unplugged Coalbed Methane Wells
Baker Hughes Case history: Baker Hughes enhanced long-term production potential
Baker-case history-coalbed methane.pdf

 October 2010 – AddFRAC Services Ensured Long-Lasting Scale Protection
Baker Hughes Case history: Baker Hughes improved post-frac flowback in Bakken shale
Baker-case history-AddFRAC.pdf

Abstracts from: SPE OnePetro, AAPG Datapages & DOE KMD

 1. Topic: SP – artificial lift operations
Title: Determining Propped Fracture Width From a New Tracer Technology
Source: OnePetro - SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference, 19-21 January 2009, The Woodlands, Texas
Summary: This paper will detail the test procedures and resulting data that contributed to the development of this new method to calculate propped fracture width.


2. Topic: SP – artificial lift
ESP Application to De-bottleneck Gas Lift System Offshore

SPE Oil and Gas India Conference and Exhibition, 20-22 January 2010, Mumbai, India

This demonstrates how a different type of artificial lift can be effectively used to improve the productivity of a field that uses one type of artificial lift.


 3. Topic: SP – Horizontal Wells

Title: A New Model for Predicting Inflow Performance of Fractured Horizontal Wells

Source: OnePetro - SPE Western Regional Meeting, 27-29 May 2010, Anaheim, California, USA

Summary: This paper presents a new method to predict the inflow performance of fractured horizontal wells with single phase flow at steady state conditions.



4. Topic: SP – water management

Title: Optimizing Volumetric Sweep Efficiency in Waterfloods by Integrating Streamlines, Design of Experiments, and Hydrocarbon F-Φ Curves

Source: OnePetro - SPE Western Regional Meeting, 27-29 May 2010, Anaheim, California, USA

Summary: Our method focuses on optimizing volumetric sweep efficiency using streamlines. We introduce two new concepts: the Hydrocarbon F-Φ Curve and Hydrocarbon Lorenz Coefficient (LC-HC).



5. Topic: SP – water management

Title: Produced Water Volume Estimates and Management Practices

Source: OnePetro - SPE International Conference on Health, Safety and Environment in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, 12-14 April 2010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Summary: This paper describes a study conducted by Argonne National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy in 2009 to develop accurate estimates of produced water volumes for a recent year (2007). The paper discusses the ways in which the produced water is managed in the different states and in the U.S. offshore.



6. Topic: SP – recovery factor

Title: Optimization of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery in Oil Reservoir

Source: OnePetro - SPE Western Regional Meeting, 27-29 May 2010, Anaheim, California, USA

Summary: This paper discusses the effects of several injection strategies and injection timing on optimization of oil recovery and CO2 storage capacity for a synthetic, three dimensional, heterogeneous reservoir models.


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