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Independent Petroleum Association of America

Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission

Marcellus Shale Coalition

National Stripper Well Association 

Layline Petroleum 1, LLC Field Demonstration of Alkaline Surfactant Polymer Floods in Mature Oil Reservoirs, Brookshire Dome, Texas

Microhole Technology Initiative Produces Expandable Wellbore Jan 2008

Revolutionary New Technology Reduces Drilling Costs, Environmental Impacts, Science Daily, Jan. 2005

Microhole Technology Holds Potential to Increase Domestic Natural Gas and Oil Production, GTI Nov. 7, 2005

Gulf Coast Green Energy, Denbury Resources, Inc., EletraTherm Inc., Dry Coolers, Inc., Electrical Power Generation from Produced Water: Field Demonstration of Ways to Reduce Operating Costs of Small Producers

Small Producers, Tax Information, Tax Breaks

Independent Petroleum Association of America

Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States

Panhandle Producers & Royalty Owners Association

Northern Alliance of Independent Producers

Oklahoma Independent Producers Association

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