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Oil and Gas Journal – January 2011 Issue Price scenarios may alter gas-to-oil strategy for US unconventionals

Online proceedings of the 2010 GWPC Annual Forum featuring the Water Energy Sustainability Symposium is now available at www.WaterEnergy2010.com

Study Examines Benefits of Expanding North Dakota Oil Refinery Capacity – A recent press release through Senator Byron Dorgan’s (D-N.D.) office indicates that the results of an oil refinery study shows "real promise" for building a new 34,000 barrel per day diesel and naphtha refinery in North Dakota. The study was conducted by The North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives with support by the Corval Group, Purvin and Gertz Inc., and Mustang Engineers and Constructors and was managed through the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). The final report will be available through NETL within a few weeks. Read the DOE/NETL project summary.

DOE Manual Studies 11 Major CO2 Geologic Storage Formations", News Release, October 5, 2010

E&P Focus - DOE newsletter Summer 2010 - Marcellus Shale and FlowBack Water issues

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PennEnergy – New mobile evaporator treats shale gas frac water

RPSEA – Unconventional Gas and Other Petroleum Resources Program Request for Proposal due November 5, 2010
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World holds 3.6 trillion BOE of unconventional resources

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Developing US Shale Plays: Marcellus  Arrival of IOC's an increasing legislative interest signal critical mass for Marcellus. Pramod Kulkami, Contributing Editor, World Oil

ARI – “Worldwide Gas Shales and Unconventional Gas: A Status Report” December 12, 2009 (presentation)

October 13, 2009 – Horizontal Drilling Technology And Bakken Oil in Canada Update

ARI Technology: 

  • The industry-standard COMET3 reservoir simulator for coalbed methane (CBM) and gas shale reservoirs
  • The MUGS model for analyzing and forecasting unconventional gas supply in the U.S.

 18th Annual Williston Basin, May 2-4, 2010, Presentations www.ndoil.org