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Oil & Natural Gas Supply

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Giant Oil & Gas Fields
There are more approximately 1,000 oil and gas fields in the world that have been classified as "giant," containing more than 500 million barrels of recoverable oil and /or 3 trillion cubic feet of gas.  This course will cover the structure, stratigraphy, and production history of the fields and an analysis of effective exploration, production, and enhanced oil recovery methods.

Introduction to Shale Gas
Shale gas represents an important direction in hydrocarbon exploration and production.  Success in shale play production requires an understanding of the complex nature of heterogeneous reservoirs.  This course introduces the learner to the fundamentals of shale gas, including current theories that explain its origin, and how to determine which reservoirs are commercially viable.

Unconventional Resources
Unconventional oil and gas resources represent a significant resource for the future, particularly as technological innovations make reservoir characterization more accurate, and completion / production techniques more cost-effective.