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Oil & Natural Gas Supply

What is a Tech Center?

A Tech Center is a repository/ directory of information highly relevant to its subject. While not all encompassing, a Tech Center does contain the “essential” information, from the government, academic and industry sectors, to move one down the knowledge pathway for that subject. Key elements of a Tech Center are:

—White Paper
—Upcoming Workshops &
Webinars, by PTTC and
—Technology Tidbits of the
—Research, References &
Seminal Literature,
—Field Applications/ Case
—Technical Information,

A Tech Center is a living resource—information that PTTC finds and that you “the user” alerts PTTC to (see contact for Tech Center) will be continually added. PTTC will exercise professional judgment, but Tech Centers can become “Wikipedia-like” if those “in the know, share what they know.”


Enhanced Oil
Recovery (EOR)

Small Producers

Presentation by DOE about
its Oil & Gas Program

DOE's Knowledge Management Database (KMD) Portal

This portal provides four options for searching the variety of documents and data that NETL-managed oil and gas research has produced. 

GIS and Data Visualization: This search function allows the user to access a variety of spatial data related to the research projects found in the databases listed above. These GIS datasets include information gleaned from USGS, MMS, EIA and EPCA data sets, as well as data produced by individual project performers.


Water Issues

Methane Hydrates

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    View presentations from PTTC's workshop "Exploring Alaska’s
Geology and Regulatory Landscape," January 20, 2011 - Anchorage, AK.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: PTTC gratefully acknowledges support of industry, academia and the DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory. This material is based upon work supported by the Department of Energy under award No. DE-FE0001175. 

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