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Oil & Natural Gas Supply


The past and ongoing research into enhanced oil recovery (EOR) can be roughly divided into four general areas:

—Gas injection, including CO2, N2, NGL, flue

—Chemical, including
surfactant, surfactant with polymer, surfactant with foam

—Thermal, including convention steam, steam assisted gravity drainage, cyclic injection, and in-situ combustion

—Conformance and related| issues. 

Each area has its own history, potential, technology, opportunities and obstacles. The obstacles can be categorized as technical, economic, and legal/regulatory. Each area is needed to maximize the production potential of the domestic fields. The “prize” is quite large, however. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), 175 billion barrels have been produced in the U.S. (excluding the deep and ultra-deep water Gulf of Mexico. However, from those same fields 400 billion barrels are “stranded” after traditional primary and secondary oil recovery. This compares to an estimated 21 billion barrels of proven reserves, so the opportunities are enormous.

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White Paper – Issues, Current Work and Future Direction

Enhanced Oil Recovery White Paper

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25 Top EOR Companies

PR Newswire from London released a list of the 25 leading EOR companies on July 15, 2014. The market report on the 25 major EOR companies shows great diversity from supermajors, state-owned, to private energy companies across the world. Operations include gas flooding, thermal recovery and chemical flooding technologies. State-owned companies focus on a particular country, while large corporations tend to focus on a region or regions and may concentrate of a particular technology based on the region. The analysis notes that the fastest expanding EOR market in the next five years will be thermal oil sands development. There is also an increasing demand for CO2 and chemical EOR technologies. The report provides profiles of the 25 leading companies, comparing and ranking by bopd production, market value, size and location of projects, and the type of EOR technology used.


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