National Office

The national team leverages regional effort through national communications. PTTC’s mission is accomplished by distributing applied technology information via newsletters, websites, exhibitions, and participation in workshop and industry events.

  • Directed by Mary Carr, PTTC’s Headquarters is located in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.
  • Support contractors, Kristi Lovendahl, Dwight Rychel and Viola Schatzinger are also located in the Tulsa area.
  • Kathy Chapman provides support from the Washington, DC area.
  • The PTTC team functions as a virtual organization. E-mail us at for general questions and comments.

Executive Director

Mary Head Shot PTTCMary Carr Ph.D
Mailing Address
Colorado School of Mines
1500 Illinois St.
Golden, CO  80401-1887
Ph: 303-273-3107

DR. MARY CARR is PTTC’s Executive Director and the Rocky Mountain Region Director and an Assistant Research Professor at the Colorado School of Mines. Over the past six years her focus has been on building geologic models of the crevasse splay and point bar deposits of the Cretaceous Illes Formation outcrops, Rangely Colorado. Previous research involved the Brushy Canyon deep-water sandstone outcrops of West Texas, conducting field work and producing reservoir models of the outcrops. As a Post-doc at the University of Wyoming, Dr. Carr was involved in outcrop and subsurface studies of the eolian Tensleep Formation in the Big Horn and Wind River Basins of Wyoming. Dr. Carr received her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Geology from University of Texas at Arlington. In 1994 she received her Doctorate from The University of Texas at Austin working with Gary Kocurek on the Entrada Sandstone of Utah. Dr. Carr has authored several papers on eolian sedimentology, deep-water sand deposition and building deep-water sandstone reservoir models.

Operations Director

Kathy HeadshotKathy Chapman
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 710942
Oak Hill, VA 20171
Ph: 703-928-5020
Fax: 571-485-8255

KATHY CHAPMAN, Director of Operations, joined PTTC’s staff in 1994, with senior responsibility for accounting systems and administration of contracts, as well as other business affairs. She played a key role in negotiating the subcontracts in all 10 regions, and continues to supervise their compliance. Ms. Chapman also handles liaison with Washington groups. She received her contracts management certification in 1995 through a graduate-level program at the University of Virginia. Ms. Chapman received her B.S. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Her prior experience includes six years of managing public and private contracts for ICF Resources in Fairfax, VA.

Technology Manager

ViolaVi Schatzinger
Ph: 918-532-5495

VIOLA RAWN-SCHATZINGER, Technology Manager, has a B.A. in English with a minor in Zoology from the University of Wyoming, M.S. in Zoology from the University of Wyoming, and work towards a Ph.D. in Geology (Vertebrate Paleontology and Petroleum Geology) with the University of Texas, Austin. Her dissertation on a predator-prey model for the saber tooth cat, Homotherium serum and mammoths and mastodons was published by the Illinois State Museum in 1992. She worked alternating positions from 1977-1990 for the Illinois State Museum, The Texas Memorial Museum and the Texas Highway Department, Archeology Division. Through various government contractors, Ms. Schatzinger provided technical support to the U. S. Department of Energy’s NIPER Research Lab and later the National Energy Technology Laboratory oil and gas program in geology and environmental science for 20 years. She served as editor for two DOE newsletters (The Class ACT and EYE on Environment) for 10 years and as editor for PTTC’s Network News for the past year. She has published and presented a number of papers on topics as varied as saber tooth cats, fluvial depositional environments, seismic exploration of the Uinta Basin, a geological primer for CO2 sequestration, and biodiversity in South Pacific reefs. Her hobbies of cave exploration and scuba diving carbonate reefs have reinforced her geologic background. Viola worked for PTTC part time as a Technical Consultant since 2000 writing workshop summaries, and full time since May 2009. Since 2009 she has been Technical Consultant, Operations Manager and since 2013 Technology Manager. Her duties have included writing the weekly Tech Alerts and quarterly Network News, developing workshops and managing the subcontract with Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA).


Kristi HeadshotKristi Lovendahl

KRISTI LOVENDAHL, Webmaster, has served PTTC as design editor of the PTTC Network News newsletter and webmaster since January 2001. Ms. Lovendahl began her career in communications in 1993 at BDM-Oklahoma, Inc. in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, later helping implement an Intranet system there. In 1997 she was a key staff member in a new communications division for SCG, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ms. Lovendahl has more than 18 years of progressive experience in electronic document architecture and web design. She has created many publications, ranging from quarterly and annual reports to internet/intranet web sites for companies in the energy sector. Ms. Lovendahl’s formal education includes numerous desktop publishing, document design and web-related courses.